Honey Chocolate – 70 gm

This Chocolate is a must-buy for everyone who is looking for any type of health benefits with flavor and taste. This chocolate acts as an expectorant and provides instant relief from cough and cold. It also provides relief from burning sensation in hand and feet and loss of appetite. Madhusagar gets absorbed and provides the body with energy and nutrition to fight against the mucous conditions. This is a really amazing chocolate with health benefits. This is a really good option for kids and the parents will be happy to feed them this chocolate if they have a cold condition. Apart from that too, this is an amazingly nice chocolate flavor that can be had with a lot of joy and taste. This chocolate box can also be a great gifting option. This is one of the best possible options to have if you are thinking about taste with health benefits. the box of the chocolates is also a piece of art, this can be reused again at your home for multi-purposes. This chocolate has a rich flavor which is enhanced with the health benefits.



Honey Chocolate – 70 gm


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